• High quality plant activator with% 80 humic acid and 20 humic acid ratio,
  • Provides excellent root growth,
  • One of the most effective organic chelators for soil and foliar application.







DENSITY-----1,20 g/ml

dose and mode of application

CROP-----------------ALL PLANTS

DRIP DOSE----------1-2 L/da

Product describtion

Humic substances, which are the final product in the process of decomposition of organic material in nature, consist of humic acids, fulvic acids and humin. The molecular size of humic acids is higher than that of fulvic acids. Fulvic acids can easily pass through cell membranes when applied from both roots and foliar, whereas humic acid molecules are more difficult.

Fulvic acids chelate especially metallic elements allowing them to be taken by the plant. In addition, fulvic acids increase the resistance of plants against environmental stress factors, eliminate the toxic effects of heavy metals, play an active role in plant metabolism and are especially effective for root growth and yield and quality increase.

Radimax is a physiologically acidic product with high fulvic acid content (80% fulvic acid, 20% humic acid).

Radimax is easily absorbed from the roots and leaves thanks to its low molecular size. When applied at the beginning of vegetation, it provides a fast and powerful root system.

Radimax facilitates chelating of all nutrients, especially metallic elements.

In addition, it increases the resistance to environmental stress conditions such assalinity, drought,heavy metal toxicity of plants.

With all these properties, Radimax provides significant yield and quality increase in plants.

Radimax can be applied successfully throughout the growing season in all plants, especially in the beginning of vegetation thanks to its low pH, small molecular size and fully water soluble structure.

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