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growing tips


პიტნა- Maroccan Mint

botanical termn: Mentha spicata var. crispa

growing tips:

planting site / location: sunny to half shaded

watering: Keep wet

Growing Temp (°C) :12 (night), 16 (day)

gardener's tip:Has medium growth and grows subterranean runners.

usage: For teas and seasoning dishes. Highly decorative in mixed beds and on balconies.

life cycle: perennial

Sow and Plant:Start with a purchased plant, or start seeds indoors and set out at about the time of your last frost. Mint is also easy to root from stem tip cuttings stuck into moist potting soil. Some strains are propagated only from cuttings rather than seeds.

Harvesting: Gather sprigs as needed in the kitchen. Gather stems for drying in early summer, just before the plants bloom.

Plant height: 30-60 cm